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    This isn't a lifestyle overhaul; it’s simply about making better decisions more often. Take Teresa’s 7-Day Reset Challenge and discover the simple secrets to define, design and live a life you love!

  • As a nation, we have a problem with our health and happiness and as you know, “diets” don’t work! The last thing you need is a new diet or someone to tell you what you can’t eat. I think you can have your cake and be healthy too – I’ve figured it out, now let me teach you my simple secrets! — Teresa Marie
  • Teresa's Philosophy

    We all know we should eat more vegetables and exercise more. So the problem isn’t what to do, the critical questions are why and how. Get to know Teresa and learn more about her philosophy and approach to finding better health and more happiness.

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    Need recipe inspiration? Effective Fitness Challenge? Find out what’s on Teresa’s mind this week and get the tips and tricks you need to find better health and more happiness! Check out her oh-so-helpful, fun and easy to read blog over at Eat. Drink & be Skinny.

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    I’d love to help! If you’re struggling, I have a solution! From free tips, to simple challenges a robust membership program, personal coaching and corporate wellness seminars and workshops. Let me help you or your team define, design and live a life you really love.

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