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Welcome to my office, and I’m so glad you are here!  I can’t wait to share with you my secrets to better health and more happiness. Let me start by sharing a little personal story about my past…and how not-so-perfect it’s been…

I had a very unhealthy start.

I was one of those girls who was born with a sweet and salty tooth meaning I loved to eat everything in sight but I also always felt the need to be thin. I didn’t really understand how the body worked or what was reasonable or realistic. All I knew is that I liked candy and being skinny.  As a teenager and into my 20’s when I naturally started to put on weight, I did all kinds of crazy diets to take it off. I would eliminate entire food groups and even sometimes food all together and have broth only. I remember one plan that let you eat a different fruit every day and that was it. I remember being so starving and nutrient deprived that I could hardly carry a conversation. I really did do all the wrong things, but I also don’t think I was completely alone in my misguided efforts. But most importantly, it played an important roll in who I am and what I advocate today.

Eventually, I figured it out.

It took a decade or two, a bachelors in nutrition and a career in corporate weight loss, but eventually I realized that I could have it all. That I could balance cocktails and cravings and still be healthy and happy. It was just going to take a little extra work and attention to detail. Today, I call all of my findings “Simple Secrets” because once I discover them, that’s what they seem. So obvious! But then why did it take me so long to figure it out?

My life’s purpose.

Because I devote so much time to this research, it simply can’t be for my own personal benefit and it has always been my mission in life to help others benefit from my findings. It brings me so much satisfaction to know that my findings go beyond my experience, into yours and that I get to help people discover the simplicity of better health and more happiness every-single-day.

My Clean and Colorful Solution

While there simply isn’t one “diet” that will work for all people, I have found there are several principles that all people can live by to improve the quality of their lives by leveraging the power of food. I feel strongly that if more of us worked towards achieving these on a daily basis and created a lifestyle that made doing these four things easier, we could actually reduce the incidence of obesity and its related diseases.

  1. Eat Less Processed Food.
  2. Eat all 5 Colors Everyday.
  3. Swap one Snack or Meal per day with a Juice or Smoothie
  4. Exercise at least 21-Minutes a Day 6 Days a Week.
That’s it! I really could be that simple! And maybe when you look at those four principles it doesn’t look simple. Trust me, the process of figuring it out can be fun and well worth the effort as it can literally change your life and your relationship with food. If you’d like to read about those in a bit more, here is a fairly detailed post and some videos outlining my rational behind the Clean and Colorful Solution.

Over the years I have learned…

I believe strongly that “dieting” in the traditional, restrictive sense of the term is a sure-fire and fast-track course to failure. The last thing you need is another talking head telling you what you can’t eat or make you feel bad about the choices you’ve made. Or even if the diet focuses on what you can eat, most of them still don’t address the real problems…and that’s building the foundation of a healthy lifestyle that supports making better decisions more often. It’s as simple as that.

My dad taught me when I was really young that if you tell people what they can’t have, they only want it more. So results are irrelevant if you can’t sustain the lifestyle that any given diet dictates.

This is why my workshops, programs, challenges, coaching and the Clean and Colorful Concept all focus on teaching you the simple shifts you need to make so “dieting” becomes a thing of the past. My goal is to give you the tools, support and strategies that empower you to never come searching for weight loss information again. This is the last time you spend time on the internet looking for what to try next and who you can trust on your path to better health.

Now that you know what my philosophy does not entail, let me tell you what I will help you with…


I tell you what, if anybody get’s “busy” it’s me. I know you don’t have time to read hundreds of pages to understand what to do next. I know you don’t need another complicated plan. I’ve learned through my career and personal experience that simplicity is a key to success in life, I’m sure you’ve heard KISS (keep it simple sweetheart). That’s a promise I’ll stand by with quick instructional videos, easy to follow recipes, simple to understand worksheets that teach you one-by-one everything you need to know about building a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.


Trust me. I love my food. And I love my treats and I do love the occasional cocktail. These are all things I feel passionate about and know that I’m not alone here. I promise to share with you my secrets to flavorful, quick to prepare and super satisfying meals. My recipes include everything from indulgent Mac and Cheese to clever cobbler recipes. Skinny Fettuccini that tastes good? I know the secret! And it’s simpler than you would think. If you love it, let me teach you how to enjoy it the right way.


I created the 30-Day Challenge Series and the 21-Day Clean and Colorful Challenge because I know people like to challenge themselves. Its fun to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and surprise yourself with your abilities. I’ll make sure you stretch yourself, but not so far that you’re the rubber band that snaps back into place, breaks or moves backwards. I believe strongly that “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”


We are creatures of habit and we crave comfort. While I advocate and make sure you’re challenged, you must also find comfort in your new actions and the lifestyle that those choices are creating. Whether it be by way of tradition, words of encouragement or a supportive community. If it’s not comfortable in the long run, it just won’t stick. Finding the balance between challenge and comfort is my strong suit.


This is real life ladies and I get it. I know that if we all locked ourselves inside, cancelled every event, hired a chef and had unlimited resources to buy any and every health related device or support tool, we’d all be “perfect.” Right? This is why I always say, “It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better.” Perfection is the devil and you can’t let it stop you from making progress. The holidays will come every year, you will be invited to parties and you will not always have control over your kitchen. This is why my programs are always packed full of simple to prepare recipes, supper affordable resources, and I always include tips, tricks and strategies to manage the “tough stuff.”


My ultimate goal is to help you achieve better overall wellness. This is not about a certain number on the scale or squeezing into the size you were in college. This is about being comfortable in your own skin, being proud of the food you’re preparing and smiling from the inside out.

Weight Loss

While wellness is my ultimate goal, we do have a problem with obesity in this nation and 2/3 of us can stand to lose a few pounds on our path to overall wellness, greater health and more happiness. The way I have structured my programs, giving you the tools, resources and strategies to build the foundation of a healthier lifestyle makes weight loss just about inevitable. It allows weight loss to be a byproduct of better decisions, not necessarily the focus, which is a while lot more fun.

That’s what I believe in.

Those are the things I am committed to helping you find for yourself. I’ve literally helped thousands of people achieve better health and more happiness following this core philosophy. I hope that you will let me help too. If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for my community and get instant, free access to my Clean and Colorful Kickstarter Kit!

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