Personal Coaching

Wouldn’t life be grand if sustainable lifestyle change came when you downloaded a free .pdf guide? Ha! As a health coach and with over 17 years of experience in the change space, I know it’s not as simply as “knowing.” It’s the “doing” that is the sticky, tricky part.

And that’s exactly why I created these coaching programs. To stand with you, by your side and to teach you not just how, but to remind you why you’re seeking change.

Below are all of the special programs I have created to help you achieve a certain goal. From learning to cook with more color, to thriving through a 3 day detox. From shifting your mindset, to developing productive lifestyle habits and to learning to lose weight (sustainably!). My programs will help you cultivate the lifestyle that supports the ongoing smarter decisions that ultimately lead to a lifetime of better health and more happiness.

If you’re looking for a plan designed specifically for you and weekly, one-one support, please click here to learn about my customized coaching options.

Clean & Colorful Coaching from Teresa Marie Wellness

Weight Loss: The Fat Furnace

Fat Furnace Cover

This is my signature weight loss program. It’s in beta test now and will be released in the Spring of 2016 with a meal plan and lifestyle guide that is designed to turn your body into a fat burning machine.
Waitlist Open: Learn more here. 

 Mindset: Break the Diet Cycle

BDC Generic Cover

12-Week Course built around the foundation of the Clean & Colorful concept with weekly lessons teach you to dial into what really matters and break free of the limiting “diet “mentality. Registration will begin again in the Summer 2016.
Waitlist Open: learn more here.

Good Lifestyle Habits: Simple Secrets

Simple Secrets Program

My membership program with over 30 coaching sessions to help you create the lifestyle that supports smarter decisions. Forever. From taking control of your kitchen to falling in love with fitness and so much more. This comprehensive program covers it all.
Registration Open: Learn more and get started here.

Cooking with Color: Color Yourself Skinny

Learn to cook simple, easy, clean and colorful food and navigate the grocery store with success. This program will shift your focus from what you can’t do to what you CAN. Getting in all five colors will become a habit and you will love every minute of it!
Registration Open: Learn more and get started here.

Detox and Depuff: 3-Day Detox

3-day detox cover

Designed to help you slim down for an event, recover from a celebration or simply hit the reset button. Includes all the information you need to reset your body in just 3 days. Recipes, instructions, coaching and trackers.
Registration Open: Learn more and get started here.