Corporate Workshop Descriptions

#1: Healthy meals for busy professionals

Healthy cooking does not need to mean complicated or bland. Nor can it take a professional chef to make it happen. These days, where most households are full of working professionals, healthy cooking has to be simple, tasty and easy to do. This session will teach your team the basic fundaments of healthy cooking and simple guidelines to follow. You select 3-4 recipe makeovers you think your team would like (or Teresa can recommend the most popular) and she’ll come prepared to show how simple they are to prepare and your team gets to sample how tasty they are. Your team will also walk away with a beautifully designed, digital recipe guide so they can take this lesson into their kitchens and make it a reality. 

#2: High quality snacks to fuel your performance all day long

The term “snacking” gets a bad wrap, but when done correctly, it’s actually an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The office vending machine may be convenient, but it can also leave your team feeling lethargic and decrease productivity.  This session will teach your team the simple science behind heathy snacking and how each participant can create a strategy that works for them. This is an interactive workshop and your team will leave with a beautifully designed, digital recipe guide with 40+ sweet and savory snack recipes. 

#3 Power lunches you can pack in a snap

Teaching your employees how to create healthy lunches they can pack in a snap allow them to gain control over their diets and allow them save time and money. This session review the basics components of weekly menu planning and meal preparation as well as the components of a tasty, satisfying lunch that can easily be transported to the office. Your team will leave with a customized lunch plan for the week, shopping list and the realization that packing a healthy lunch is not only a good idea, it’s easy to do. 

#4 Weekly meal planning and preparation made easy

It sounds counterintuitive, but taking time to meal plan and prep can actually save your employees not only more time throughout the week, but also money and unnecessary calories having a positive impact on their health, productivity and pocket book. “Failing to plan is in fact, Planning to Fail” and this course will help your team understand not just the importance of being prepared, but also how to do it. This is an interactive workshop where your team will leave with completed menu plan for the upcoming week, shopping list and beautifully designed recipe guide with up to 20 healthy recipes for any meal of the day.

#5 How to fit in a healthy breakfast every-single-day

Showing your team the value of a healthy breakfast can benefit your company in more ways than one. It’s true, there are not just physical benefits to starting your day with a solid breakfast but also many psychological reasons as well. When you start your day in control, it’s easier to take on tough projects and problems with a positive attitude.  This workshop will cover the science behind a healthy breakfast and deliver a realistic approach to help your team make it a reality. Your team will leave feeling energized and with a beautifully designed recipe guide with up to 20 healthy breakfast recipes.

#6 Raw juices vs. smoothies and how to fit them into your life

Smoothies and juices can be a great way for your employees to optimize their overall health and well-being. They can also be a great way to waste money and fill your body with unnecessary and surprisingly, processed sugar. As with any emerging health trend, it’s important to understand the pros, cons and how to make a smart decision. This session will discuss the benefits of juicing vs. smoothies and also the pitfalls to avoid. Your team will leave with a beautifully designed recipe guide with up to 20 recipes for healthy smoothies and juices.

#7 Common nutrition myths busted

You need to eat a lot of protein to gain muscle? Dietary fat makes you fat? You have to exercise a ton to lose weight? Carbohydrates are bad for you? It’s gluten free, so it must be healthier? While there is some truth to all of these statements, it is not as black and white as it may seem. This workshop will help clarify some confusing marketing messages and leave your team feeling informed and empowered to make smarter decisions when it comes to their own personal health and wellness.

#8 Custom, based on your teams needs

Do you have a companywide weight loss challenge? Is it wellness week in your office? Is your team working towards a specific health related goal? Due to Teresa’s extensive and varied experience in weight loss, fitness and nutrition, she can partner with you to design a course that will help your team achieve their goals in a realistic, effective and most importantly, fun way! Contact her today to find out how.